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We all know how diverse the stories of Eating Disorders are. Let’s educate the rest of the world! What makes your story unique? What do you wish people knew about EDs? What moment was the turning point in recovery? Let’s counteract the stereotypes and the attempts to fit EDs into a tiny little homegeneous box. [...]

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Celebrating ten years of eating disorder advocacy

We’ve Just Turned 10!

This month, The Joy Project turns 10– that’s right, TEN years old. What an amazing journey it has been so far. Ten years of providing support via our message boards at Ten years of outreach and advocacy, including meetings with members of Congress, community speaking engagements, outreach with federal agencies, and more one-on-one conversations [...]

Eating Disorder Law Blog

Q&A With Lisa Kantor: How to Get Coverage for the Treatment of my Eating Disorder

Seeking treatment for an eating disorder can be emotionally and financially draining. The attorneys at Kantor & Kantor reached out to the eating disorder community to find out what types of questions people had when looking for insurance coverage for the treatment of eating disorders. To read the questions and answers, click the link below. [...]


Shift in Goals Improves Treatment for Severe Anorexia


Challenge for March

In order to set SMART goals, you first need to identify your values or what drives you most in life. Take a moment and list ten aspects of life that are most important to you. If you run into trouble, use this link for some ideas. “List of Values”

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February’s Challenge

Write Your Eating Disorder A Letter If you are having troubles moving on to the next stage in changing, write your eating disorder a letter. Writing down your feelings of fear and anxiety will help you sort through your emotions and move on to the next step. “Letter Example”

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Committing to Change

Making a change can be a very difficult decision. When the New Year rolls around, we tend to be pumped for a new start and ready to alter the path we have been going down. By February our motivation has usually diminished a little and we have maybe started to travel down our old paths. [...]

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Plate and forks

Intuitive Eating

This article highlights the findings of a study done on intuitive eating. The main topics analyzed include intuitive eating among young adults according to their socio-demographic characteristics and BMI. Plus the association between intuitive and disorder eating. The study concluded that those who practiced intuitive eating actually tended to weigh less then those who restrict [...]


SAMHSA Announces New Definition of Recovery

The United States Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) recently announced its new “Working Definition of Recovery”.┬áThis definition represents the culmination of a lengthy public engagement process and ongoing dialogue to refine the definition and principles. The field of Eating Disorders has traditionally struggled to come to an agreement on what it means [...]


New Study Faults Current Anorexia Treatments

The New York Times recently published an article about the results of a study that tested a more aggressive re-feeding program for patients suffering from anorexia nervosa. We’re interested in hearing your thoughts in reaction to this study. Do you think faster re-feeding would be good? bad? necessary? dangerous? frightening for patients?

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