February’s Challenge

Write Your Eating Disorder A Letter

If you are having troubles moving on to the next stage in changing, write your eating disorder a letter. Writing down your feelings of fear and anxiety will help you sort through your emotions and move on to the next step.

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One Response to “February’s Challenge”
  1. Hannah says:

    Dear Eating Disorder,

    You have been here for six years now, here in my life. When I had therapy to try and get you to go away, my therapist encouraged me to do this very same letter and to ‘give you a name’. I chose ‘Anna’. This was a very silly decision as it made you feel like a friend to me. But you weren’t and aren’t a friend. You robbed me of so many years, so many occasions, so many laughs, so many school days, and do you know why? You made food my enemy. You made me think of food some sort of drug that should not be taken, as it’s so bad for your body and would mean that I’d spiral out of control. You lied.

    You made people believe I would not succeed. You made my grades fall, you broke friendships as well as hearts. And throughout that all I still loved you, but hated you at the same time…how does that work?

    Do you want to know where I am now? I am sat at my desk in my bedroom at University. I got here through willpower. Not the sort that you drilled into my brain, to starve myself. No, I got here because I let you go. My cold fingertips left yours and I ran into the warmth of so many hearts. It was tough, it wasn’t as easy as ‘letting go’ because now and then you’d find me and you’d grab my arm with vengeance. But I fought against you. I had support and an army versus one entity is so powerful. I am sat here looking at a letter from the Dean of my University congratulating me on my grades. Years ago, people laughed at my decision to apply for University. They never thought I’d achieve the grades. But I did. I wanted to prove myself.

    I cannot lie, you are still in my life. You are still here at the moment, watching me. I am fighting so hard and I WILL get rid of you, just like I did all the other times, I want you to know that. You have ruined so many lives, but I will not let you ruin mine. I want to earn back the years you stole from me. I do have willpower and trust me, one day I will be a million miles from you.

    Letting go again,

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